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Aug 14 - Since I didn't allow it to be in time for the Welcome reception I did not see any familiar faces. Trieste is really a beautiful city on the Adriatic Ocean, and it lies at the feet from the hilly region of Carso. But by 1870, Ancient rome was to become the capital city of Italia and has remained so up to nowadays. The little but precious Church of Santa claus Maria del Carmine, with the popular Brancacci Chapel, decorated by Masaccio and Masolino (and later simply by Filippino Lippi), is worth a visit. Even two to three years can produce a difference if the wine has been saved correctly. Sienna, a medieval slope town in Tuscany is known because of its large fan-shaped piazza, Piazza de Campo. Legend tells us that, included in one of the main pilgrimage routes during the middle ages, San Gimignano's attracted an endless amount of visitors. The particular Episcopal palace, bought for Primary Borgia in 1463, sits on a single side of the square, along with the exceptional Palazzo

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