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Countless people from around the world book African safari tours due to the widespread desire to see exotic, gorgeous animals in their native habitat. If the leaders speak with one eyesight and half of their minds depending on what the world or the former or even present-day African people are able to are left out for obvious reasons, they have to be helped to do so-what they want to say about themselves, not really what the "others" will want to hear-as within being "Politically Correct" will be 1 story for the ages. When the governments of Africa do not have the particular political will then we, the kids and daughters of Africa, need to make sure that we liberate the dream through those who seek to kill this in the name of their ambition and membership to imperialism. four. There must be a crystal clear commitment in the ANC, from the top to the bottom part, to the right of all people to manage independently of the ANC, to demonstration against the ANC, to challenge the particular

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