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VOUVRAY, France — The early-morning procession started over the previous week of July 2018. From my kitchen window, I watched as men and women designed their way up the steep incline towards the caves in the cliff. Most were being more mature, aside from some younger Girls with young children. Several cars dropped people today near the summit. We were being in the middle of a “canicule,” a heat wave that will crack data. The village mayor had repurposed one of her relatives’s caves to generally be a cooling station wherever the susceptible could escape the warmth. The most popular day in the Usually temperate Loire Valley last year came on Aug. six while in the city of Chinon, nearly forty miles southwest of in this article, where by the temperature attained a hundred and one degrees Fahrenheit. Past 12 months wound up staying the hottest in France because at the very least 1900, when modern meteorological measurement began. This 12 months may perhaps confirm to be even even worse.

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