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Canada is an excellent many things. It's British Columbia's rugged wilderness; Saskatchewan's unlimited fields of sunburnt wheat; It's the abundant traditions of the Arctic north, it's the eccentric neighborhoods of the Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, and obviously, it's an unique choice of multicultural town hall, each with their own sense of identity.

However Calgary is one of those quintessentially Canadian cities that provides its visitors with experiences they won't have in other places. Also see: Things to do in Canada. Nestled alongside the Bow River, about 50 miles east of the spectacular Canadian Rockies, Calgary is fifth biggest city. Much more interesting is that Calgary's population of 1.2 are amongst some of the youngest in Canada! That's right, the typical age in this city is 35.7, which means one thing; You are guaranteed to have a fantastic night out in this town.

Calgary is as multicultural as Canada's larger cities, with some 120 various languages spoken

How To Get To Calgary Airport