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Wordly wise 3000

por Felicity James (2020-03-05)

Just when you thought Wordly Wise couldn't get any better, here comes a new edition. This series is similar to the Wordly Wise 3000 edition, with some notable changes. First of all, the new series has two new books for kindergarten and first grade. These books are colorful and provide a variety of vocabulary-building activities. Children look at colorful illustrations as the teacher reads a story out loud. Then students mark items in the pictures that are the featured vocabulary words. Concept and picture cards introduce key concepts and words, and the activities prepare students for the kind of content-area reading they will encounter in later grades. The unique, two-week lesson plans in these beginning books teach and reinforce words and concepts in 20-25 minutes a day. The rest of the series follows the same format as the original, though things have been reorganized a bit. The numbers of the books now correspond with grade levels (no more adding 3 to the book number to get the grade level as in the first edition) and the basic lessons are the same, with the same overall number of vocabulary words but with just a few word changes. Book 2 includes all the lessons in previous Book A and lessons 1-7 from Book B. It has 15 lessons and 150 vocabulary words. Book 3 includes lessons 8-10 from previous Book B and all lessons from Book C. It also has 15 lessons with 150 words and contains some Greek and Latin root exercises. Old Book 1 is now Book 4, old Book 2 is now Book 5, old Book 3 is now Book 6, and so on. Students learn 300 new words a year in Books 4-12. In these books the exercises are basically the same as the original edition with just a few changes. Word Study exercises with a Greek and Latin focus replace some of the "Completing the Thought" and "Word Relationship" exercises found in the earlier editions. Word lists now appear throughout each lesson, and the reading passage references have been updated. The books are also a bit more colorful, with colored boxes around vocabulary words and reading passages.