Ecohydromorphology of river environments of the das Velhas River upstream of Rio de Pedras hydroelectric reservoir, MG, Brazil

Helena Lúcia Menezes Ferreira, Paulo de Tarso Amorim Castro, Márcia Couto Melo, Pedro Fialho Cordeiro, Aylton Carlos Soares, Sylvia Therese Ribeiro, Mariana Davila F. P. de Paula Freitas


This paper presents the applicability of ecohydromorphology assessment in differentiating ecophysical structure of river habitats of Rio das Velhas river basin upward of Rio de Pedras reservoir, Minas Gerais,Brazil. It also presents the identification of the factors conditioning the ecophysical structure of river habitats. This review associated with biological and physico-chemical conditions of the waters aims to assess the ecological integrity of the river system and also validate the characterization of water bodies identified on a large scale in the Rio das Velhas basin.

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ISSN Eletrônico: 2317-563X